Try Risk Free the world’s only steam inhaler and air purifier in one! 100% money back guarantee if you don’t love Mypurmist 2 within 60 days! The Mypurmist Promise!

Amazing Technology

Mypurmist use patented medical-grade technology to provide superior effectiveness, purity and ease of use.


Mypurmist 2 are the world's most advanced steam inhalers. Our instant and germ-free steam technology produces microscopic water particles delivering 100% humidity at a perfect temperature.

We put it in the palm of your hand and made sure it is completely safe.

Now, add a HEPA air purifier that removes allergens, pollution and bacteria – and you get something exceptional: Ultrapure, effective, and penetrating warm therapeutic mist. So effective that over 90% of users say their symptoms improved.

  • World’s first and only steam inhaler and air purifier in one
  • Only steam inhaler that is self-cleaning
  • Only steam inhaler to include a medical grade HEPA air purifier
  • Offers the most optimal vapor particle size for deep penetration and superb relief
  • Uniquely designed to provide a constant level of 100% humidity at a maximum temperature without the risk of scalding

No other natural respiratory remedy is as pure.

Mypurmist is FDA and Health Canada listed as a Class 1 medical device and certified to UL1431 / Can 22.2#64 as a Personal Hygiene and Health Care Appliance.

Free from BPA and phthalates.

Developed and designed in California and assembled near Singapore in a medical device facility certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 9000.

Particle size

Mypurmist uses a Capillary Force Vaporizer steam technology with vapor particles optimized for high effectiveness. The result is vapor that goes deep.

Other steam inhalers generate larger particles that are more visible but that are less optimal for penetration into your sinuses, nose, mouth and throat.

Optimal steam temperature, safety

Extensive user tests have shown that 43 to 46°C provides the best symptom relief. Scalding and burns start occurring above 49°C.

Mypurmist provides a consistent and optimal 46°C that fluctuates at a narrow 2°C when set to HIGH. The user can relax with the device close to the face. No scalding or burning possible.

In fact, we have sold more than 1 million Mypurmist devices over 8 years and have had ZERO reported burns or scaldings.


Purity of vapor / mist

Considering we inhale 30 pounds of air per day - more than any food or drink we ingest - vapor purity is important.

Mypurmist is laboratory certified to be 99.9999% germ free (100x more germ free than Vicks). This is achieved using heat, gas pressure and ultrapure sterile water. And Mypurmist uniquely includes a true HEPA air purifier.


Summary of Mypurmist technology benefits

  • Instant steam versus warm-up waiting time with other inhalers
  • Highest possible safe (no scalding) temperature setting with vastly superior accuracy (46 degrees C)
  • Handheld, use at any angle
  • Smaller optimal 4-10 micron water vapor particles that goes deep
  • 100 times higher purity than with other steam inhalers (99.9999% germ-free)
  • Uniquely combines an instant steam technology with a medical-grade HEPA air purifier
  • Cleans itself after use. Get on with your day!
  • Patented Capillary Force Vaporizer technology - used in hospitals.
  • FDA and Health Canada listed.