Try Risk Free the world’s only steam inhaler and air purifier in one! 100% money back guarantee if you don’t love Mypurmist 2 within 60 days! The Mypurmist Promise!


Q: Why don’t I get enough steam?

A: Mypurmist provides instant 100% warm humidity right where you need it. It is specifically designed to make ultra-fine steam for deeper penetration, making it invisible to the eye. Once you use it, you will realize that there is enough steam. 

Q: The steam does not seem to be hot enough?

A: Mypurmist is designed to give you warm mist at a comfortable

38-46°C. This is the best range for being most safe and effective. There is absolutely no scalding risk with Mypurmist. 

Q: Why do I have to use Mypurmist Ultrapure Sterile Water refills?

A: Mypurmist is an ultrapure steam inhaler designed to provide you with Triple Germ Defense achieved by the use of a HEPA filter, sterile water, and the patented technology in Mypurmist. Sterile water is required to get steam free of viruses, bacteria, allergens, pollutants, and mold. 

Q: Why does Mypurmist leak?

A: Almost always there is no leak when you see a little wetness under the device. The reason for the wetness typically is due to an overfill or water dripping down from the mask after use. Please use all the water in the device (till you see a red light) This prevents an overfill. Keep Mypurmist 2 vertical on a table or counter ideally on a water absorbent cloth/mat. 

If you see some wetness or drops coming out from the seam of the device – then empty the base by turning the device upside down and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds. This will empty any water in the base due to overfill. 

Q: How do I clean Mypurmist? Why does the fan continue to run after Mypurmist shut off?

A: Anytime the device is powered off (manually or automatically once the water is out) you will hear the fan run for ~10 min before shutting off. This will dry all internal parts which is how the unit cleans itself after each use. Please do not interrupt the drying cycle. We do recommend you wash the mask with soap and water regularly. 

Q: Mypurmist does not seem to be working – what do I do?

A: First step is to make sure there is water in the reservoir and the device is charged. After that just put the device down and try to use it again after some time. If Mypurmist still does not work, then please email us at and we will help you right away.